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Dr. Nicole Amber, PhD

"They saw what their history taught them to see."
                                                                  --James Baldwin

Dr. Nicole A. Haggard is a research professor at Mount Saint Mary’s University in the Film, Media, and Social Justice program. She has spent the past fourteen years studying and contextualizing the intersection of race and gender in American culture and the media’s ability to impact society.

Dr. Haggard’s teaching style is based on a combination of self-actualization and unconscious bias. She believes, “If my student can learn more about themselves and their particular worldview through the eyes and ears of my classroom, then I have succeeded.”

Nicole brings this sentiment into her work outside of higher education. Through mission-vision consulting, cultural workshops, media diversity training, and more, Nicole strives to bring out in her clients a deeper understanding of themselves, the greater purpose of their work, and their relationship to the world around them.

Dr. Nicole currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

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As a judge for our Young Filmmaker’s Competition, Nicole's discerning eye in considering each applicant's work was remarkable. It was very clear to me that her gift to us on that day was her breadth of understanding, not only of film history, but of how the making of a film allows youth to reflect deeply upon themselves and the world around them. 

- Kitty Winn, Director OFS Young Filmmakers Competition and Cannes Best Actress Recipient


Nicole was instrumental in getting my business off the ground by helping me clarify my business (and life) vision. The frameworks she used in our brainstorming sessions monumentally took my ideas to the next level by concretely unpacking the intention behind every little thing that I (and my business) did. By reflecting this on my landing page, my conversion has gone up 250%.

- Anwar White, Founder


Nicole brings an incredible and irrepressible energy to every project she commits herself to.  Projects are not just competently managed by Nicole, they are transformed!   As president of the Ojai Film Society she was one of two executive board members who I knew I could always rely upon - not just to meet expectations, but to vastly exceed them.

- James McEachen, President Ojai Film Society & Film Director